Proceedings of the International Geometry Center

ISSN-print: 2072-9812
ISSN-online: 2409-8906
ISO: 26324-2012

For authors

Dear. Authors, please submit your papers either by email: or via the Open Journal System Platform

Structure of LaTeX-file.

1) To decrease processing time of your article please use LaTeX-class amsart and the journal style file d-omega3.sty



where [english] is the language of the article. It can be Russian [russian] or Ukrainian [ukrainian] as well.

2) Information about authors should be put as follows. First insert the following commands for the first author:

\author{Name of the first author}

\address{Address of the first author}


\orcid{Orcid number} % if you do not have orcid number just skip this command.

If the first author has no Orcid-number, then just skip the latter command.

Further, repeat the above commands for each of other authors.

3) Title.

\title[Short title for page headers]{Article title}

4) Abstracts.

The abstract of the paper (in the corresponding language) should be inserted as follows:

\abstract{english}{Abstract text}

\abstract{[ukrainian}{Abstract text}

\abstract{russian}{Abstract text}

Please put an abstract of the paper in English and also in the language of your paper, however you can also have abstract in all three languages.

5) Metadata.


\keywords{keyword-1, keyword-2} % keywords,

Universal Decimal Classification number:

\udc{УДК 517.6544}

Mathematics Subject Classification:



\thanks{This research is supported by ...}

6) To create article title use the command:


7) Environments.

Style file supports the following environments:

theorem, lemma, corollary, proposition, definition, remark, example, problem, conjecture. assumption.

8) Bibliography.

The authors are encouraged to use bibtex for formatting bibliography.

A useful instrument to help in producing BibTeX files is JabRef

9) The template of the article and all style files can be downloaded from here file